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Mazonakis Giannias: Giorgos Mazonakis has for many years been a staple of the fun of every winter season in Athens and also this will certainly proceed with the 2019-20 season at the High temperature Center where he will certainly appear, altering hangovers after 4 amazing years at Enastron! Producing an outstanding people number with the same protagonist, Giorgos Gianniato fever enhance it perfectly, it is expected that the nights in the famous store will certainly be full of enjoyable, great deals of vocal singing and also special minutes that will certainly remain engraved in the target market.

In the last few years, his shares have skyrocketed in the music securities market, making excellent collaborations that either attracted attention or were just the highlight of the season! The cooperation with Photographer Katie Garbis, last year with Angela Dimitriou and Nikos Kourkoulis stuck out, while the ones with Paola, Carras as well as the wrongful Pantelis Pantelidis were merely the best we saw in the past years.

This wintertime we are anticipating to see an additional top cooperation that will monopolize the rate of interest with Giorgos Giannia to be a worthy advocate in his brand-new begin in a shop that has shown up with terrific success in the past. Giorgos Mazonakis was birthed in Nice on March 4, 1972, and also started vocal singing quite early.

His very first cd was released in 1993 under the title “Twelve o’clock at night as well as Something” and also ever since he has launched more than 20 individual albums as well as songs, while in 2013 he released his 20th Wedding anniversary cd “Tell Me George” by Heaven Music.